Yusa Memoru (遊佐(ゆさ)メモル) is one of the variety members of the mysterious idol unit SEVENTH SISTERS.


A young girl who is by far the most popular SEVENTH SISTERS member among their core fans. But in reality... she's a wicked and sinister two-faced girl who loves making money. She presents herself to her fans as the lovely lolita Memorun, and charms them with a mysterious juice called "Memorun Juice (Poison)".


Memoru has long lilac hair and eyes of the same color. Her styling is very goth lolita with an image of "little devil".  


Yusa(遊佐) can be split into two parts. Yu(遊) meaning Play and Sa(佐) meaning assistant, help.  

Memoru (メモル) could possibly mean Memel or Memory. In the end, it could hold no meaning like the majority of her Idol members.  


  • Memoru's talents are cooking and potion brewing
  • Memoru likes "All of her fans", though who knows how much of that is true.
  • Memoru has the style of "little devil", Similar to the Love Live! Sunshine!! character Yoshiko Tsushima.


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