Wakaouji Rui (若王子(わかおうじ)ルイ) is one of the Model members of the mysterious idol unit SEVENTH SISTERS


Noble, dignified, and handsome. This triple threat is the shining prince of SEVENTH SISTERS, ranking #1 as a desired protector. She is the eldest member, and also has the most common sense. She is capable of handling unexpected harmful events by herself.


Rui has short blonde hair and red eyes. She is very androgynous in her styling, and with her cool demeanor she is nicknamed "Prince Rui"! 


Wakaouji(若王子) can be split into three parts. Waka(若) meaning young, Ou(王) meaning king; ruler; sovereign; monarch, and Ji(子) meaning child. 

Rui(ルイ) is written in Katakana so it holds no meaning.  


  • She is often paired with Mana, they seemed to share a history together...

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