Nanasaki Nicole (七咲(ななさき)ニコル) was the leader and one of the vocal members of the mysterious idol unit SEVENTH SISTERS. She bears an uncanny resemblance to the new Manager of 777(Three Seven)Idol Studio, Rokusaki Coney


A perfect idol and the nonsensical leader of the legendary SEVENTH SISTERS. Sometimes kind, sometimes stubborn, and always gives her all, even for strange things. Because of this, she garnered attention from all over the world. It's been two years after the sudden disbanding of the group, and to this day, no one knows what happened to her.


Nicole has light blue hair with pink underlay tied in pigtails. Her eyes are the same light blue color. On stage and off-stage, Nicole has an electrifying energy about her. Her charisma, good-natured smile, confidence, and leadership led SEVENTH SISTERS to global fame. 


Nanasaki(七咲) can be split into two parts. Nana(七) meaning seven and Saki(咲) meaning blossom or bloom.
Nicole(ニコル) is a French feminine derivative of the greek name Nicolas. Is a compound of the words "victory" and "people".


  • She likes being with friends, as she grew up often being alone and immersed with music. Being with SEVENTH SISTERS gave her a new sense of belonging.
  • Nicole and Mito knew each other since childhood. 

Episode 4.0/5.0 (Spoilers Below)

At the end of EPISODE 4.0 AXiS, Coney, inspired mainly by the words of Rona, regains the confidence needed to once again become Nicole's identity. She has decided that everyone at Nanastar no longer needs her guidance and is heavily implied to have left Nanastar for reasons unknown. This is first discovered by Shihainin(The player character), although it's entirely possible that what Haru was distracted by at the end of the arc was, in fact, Coney leaving. This occurred in the summer of 2035, meaning that Coney was at Nanastar for roughly a year.

Eight years later in the year 2043, Episode 5.0 ~Fall in Love~ takes place. Within this episode it is revealed that not only did Coney in fact leave Nanastar in 2035, but that she also never returned for any reason once, even when 777☆SISTERS disbanded. This has clear emotional scars on Momoka and Shinjyu, whom both still long to see her one more time. At the conclusion of the arc it is revealed that she has finally returned, not as Coney, but rather as Nicole, who according to Rui is "No longer Coney Rokusaki, or the Nicole Nanasaki I used to know. She is simply a regular woman now." This means that Coney Rokusaki(as a character) 'died' in the summer of 2035. 

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