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Completing a mission allows you to gain a number of rewards. There are five types of missions:

  • Daily Missions: Resets at 12AM JST Daily
  • Weekly Missions: Resets on Monday 12AM JST
  • Normal Missions: One-time Missions
  • Event Missions: Available during certain events. Resets at 12AM JST Daily
  • i-n-g Missions: Unlocks EPISODE3.5 stories
Mission Type Requirement Rewards
Daily Clear a live stage Gold x1000
Complete 3 private lessons (i-n-g ) Friend Point x1000
Clear all daily missions 7th Coins x25
Weekly Clear 30 live stages 7th Coins x50
Win 50 daily scout battles 7th Tokens x5
Complete all 5 types of private lessons 7th Coins x50
Normal Clear all EPISODE.1.0 areas 7th Coins x500
Clear 10 EPISODE.1.5 areas 7th Coins x500
Clear 20 EPISODE.1.5 areas 7th Coins x500
Clear all EPISODE.1.5 areas 7th Coins x500
Send a friend request Friend Points x1000
Draw 3 times from the Nanastar Scout Caravan Gacha Gold x10000
Do a special lesson Friend Points x1000
Win against a legendary boss Gold x10000
Generate Recovery Code 7th Coins x100
[[[Event Types|VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!!]] ]
Play [VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!!] once Gold x2000
Play [VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!!] 3 times Lesson Ticket (Single Use) x1
Play [VS B-A-T-T-L-I-V-E-!!] 5 times M Produce Item x1
(Type of produce item based on event reward card type)
[[[Event Types|Tokyo 7th Performance Match]] ]
Play [Performance Match] 10 times Gold x2000
Get 1000 Event Points in [Perfomance Match] Red Jersey Coney x1
[[[Event Types|Try The New Number]] ]
Play [Try The New Number] once Gold x2000
Play [Try The New Number] 5 times Try-Energy Mini x1
[[[Event Types|7th LIVE JACK]] ]
Play [7th LIVE JACK] 5 times Gold x5000
Play [7th LIVE JACK] 10 times Red Jersey Coney x1
Play [7th LIVE JACK] 15 times Red Sunglass Coney x1
i-n-g Raise character's i-n-gLv to 4 Unlocks character's EPISODE3.5 First Part
Raise character's i-n-gLv to 6 Unlocks character's EPISODE3.5 Middle Part
Raise character's i-n-gLv to 8 Unlocks character's EPISODE3.5 Last Part
Complete character's EPISODE3.5 Last Part Character's Gacha Ticket x1
(for Idol Limited Step-Up Gacha)
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