Misonoo Mana (御園尾(みぞのお)マナ) is one of the musician members of the mysterious idol unit SEVENTH SISTERS


Supports the SEVENTH SISTERS from behind, and is also the gentle and carefree daughter of the worldwide influential financial clique, Misonoo Concern. She's always embarrassed of her dynamite figure, but occasionally she is very mature and dignified, surprising the other members.


Mana has long, wavy pink hair. Her eyes are pink. She has a very mature figure and her gentle personality gives her a very "motherly" feel.    


Misonoo(御園尾) can be read in three parts. Mi(御) meaning honorable, manipulate, govern, So(園) meaning park, garden, yard, farm, and Noo(尾) meaning tail, end, counter for fish, lower slope of a mountain.  

Mana(マナ) is written in Katakana, so it holds no meaning.  


  • She seems to share an inexplicable past with Rui.
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