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Le☆S☆Ca is a 3-unit hip hop group, consisting of Araki Rena, Nishizono Honoka and Uesugi U. Kyouko from Nanastar. The trio has currently has released 4 singles in the game. 

An official novel was released in two parts in Summer 2016. It depicts the beginning of Le☆S☆Ca, where the girls' friendship struggles before debut. The novels are illustrated by Yuichiro Niou, written by Kosei Style.

Background[edit | edit source]

It's a threesome youth Idol Unit of a refreshed, fine carbonated system formed by the selected members from Nanastar Sisters, who are Kyoko, Rena and Honoka.

Each of them grew up in different places and the current environment is irreplaceable, with the theme of "The Days of Teenaged Sweet and Sour Youth," which runs around the school in the Idol club.

Please look forward to their growth and change, who are life-size high school students that youth is a little bitterly refreshing!

Members[edit | edit source]

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Le☆S☆Ca  Pictures[edit | edit source]

Discography[edit | edit source]

Year Name of Single Album Name
2015 YELLOW / Behind Moon YELLOW
2016 トワイライト / タンポポ トワイライト
2018 ひまわりのストーリー 『THE STRAIGHT LIGHT』
2019 Honeybee (ミツバチ) / A Chick's Song (ひよこのうた) Honeybee (ミツバチ)
2020 SUN SUN SUN Le☆S☆Ca 1st MINI ALBUM「Le☆S☆Ca」

Videos[edit | edit source]


【Tokyo 7th シスターズ】Le☆S☆Ca デビューSingle『YELLOW』Trailer


【Tokyo 7th シスターズ】Le☆S☆Ca 2nd Single「トワイライト」Trailer


【Tokyo 7th シスターズ】Le☆S☆Ca 3rdシングル『ミツバチ』Trailer


【Tokyo 7th シスターズ】Le☆S☆Ca 『SUN SUN SUN』 Trailer

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