Hanyuuda Mito (羽生田(はにゅうだ)ミト) is one of the vocal members of the mysterious idol unit SEVENTH SISTERS.


A member of the SEVENTH SISTERS, nicknamed "The Unsmiling Songstress of Ice". Her beautiful voice is renowned throughout the world. She doesn't want to waste energy on things other than singing, so she usually remains expressionless. It seems that she has known Nicole since kindergarten. Her favourite food is tofu. She is extremely close with her grandmother, Hanyuda Ito.


Mito has navy blue, shoulder length hair. Before debut, it was revealed that she had longer hair. Her eyes are colored rusted-gold. Mito's style is very tomboyish.    


Hanyuuda(羽生田) can be split into three parts Han(羽) meaning feather; plume; down, Yuu(生) meaning life, genuine, birth, and Da(田) meaning rice field, rice paddy

Mito(ミト) Is written in Katakana, so it holds no meaning.

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